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Popular Items

  • Razor Series (PVC, UHMW, etc.)

    XR2064-CBEL 1/2″

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    XC2023-M 3/8″

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  • Multicam Compatible Knife Blades

    XZ0070 MultiCam

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    XZ0046 ESKO/Kongsberg

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    Results are what you care about.

    Superior Materials

    Tooling made from only the highest quality carbide.

    Long Life

    Extended life means better tooling value.


    Extras to compliment and protect your tooling. From bits to mist, we've got you covered.

    Size Range

    Multiple diameters for multiple needs. Compatible with all CNC routers.

    Supreme Cut Quality

    Designed with quality first and it makes every bit of difference!

    High Feeds

    Feed rates above the competition without sacrificing quality. See Razor series line for more info.


    With more than 50 combined years in the CNC machine tool industry we have learned a few things along the way and one of the most important things was that if you want to achieve the unachievable then you have to break the rules.  Ignoring the standard feed rate calculators, we pushed tooling to its limits to achieve higher feed rates and superior edge finish.  We wanted more.  We decided to design a tool that could push it even further.

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