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eXperience the difference.


X-Edge tooling was designed specifically to maximize the capabilites of your CNC Router.  As technology has advanced, routers have become faster and more efficient but tooling has lagged behind.  We decided it was time to break the rules.  Instead of simply following the old chip load calculator and calling it a day we decided to design, test, re-design, test and repeat until we achieved the absolute best balance between speed and cut quality.  Get ready for a whole new eXperience.

cnc router bits & accessories

Orders Over $99

eXcellent speed, eXcellent quality, eXcellent tools


Superior Materials

Tooling made from only the highest quality carbide.

Long Life

Extended life means better tooling value.  


Extras to compliment and protect your tooling. From bits to mist we got you covered.

High Feeds

Feed rates above the competition without sacrificing quality. See Razor series line for more info.

Supreme Cut Quality

Designed with quality first and it makes every bit of difference!

Size Range

Multiple diameters for multiple needs. Compatible with all CNC routers.



X-Edge Products, Inc.


X-Edge was born of a desire to achieve higher feed rates while maintaining edge quality mainly in the sign industry.  Today, the origninal X-Edge Razor is used in almost every industry that utilizes a router.


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