About Us


eXcellent speed.

eXcellent quality.

eXcellent tools.

With more than 50 combined years in the CNC machine tool industry, we have learned a few things along the way. The most important thing being that if you want to achieve what no one else has done, you have to do what no one else has tried.  We threw out the standard feed rate and chip load calculators. We started from scratch and created a tool that defied conventional knowledge by reaching feed rates and edge quality that previously seemed impossible.
The X-Edge Razor was born.

Since then, we applied our “break all the rules” strategy to create tools that excel in every CNC router application. Our product line has expanded dramatically to include router bits, oscillating and drag knives, tool holders, collets, coolants, cleaning, and maintenance items. Our knives and router bits are made with high-grade solid carbide that are held to the highest standard. X-Edge Products is dedicated to helping our customers achieve the best possible performance and edge quality results never before seen on a CNC router.


X-Edge is the tool designed to take you and your business to the next level, no other tools even come close.  No need to sacrifice quality to achieve speed.  Now you can have both!  Give our bits a try and tell us what you think.

Superior Materials

Tooling made from only the highest quality carbide.

Long Life

Extended life means better tooling value.

Supreme Cut Quality

Designed with quality first and it makes every bit of difference!



“I’m cutting sintra at 1200 inches per minute with my high RPM spindle using a 1/4” X Edge Razor and the quality is just as good if not better than what I was getting before!”

– Clay
Dallas, TX

“I would like to thank you, the bits are awesome.  Fantastic cut edge, not to mention at least 4-5 times faster, on the acrylic piece using the Razor.”

– Travis
Elkhart, IN

“LOVE Them!! Cut PVC and 3/4” birch plywood beautifully!  The PVC was 10mm 4’x 8’ sheets with parts cut in detail!”

– Jen, The Graphix Garage
Pickford, MI

“My feedback on XR2062-CB 1/4″. These are great tools that last longer than similar items!”

– Jen G., The L.E. Smith Company
Bryan, OH

“My company, Synergy Sign and Graphics has been using X-Edge tools exclusively for over 2 years. Tool life have been amazing and the selection of tools has been second to none. X Edge offers extended length tapered ball end mills that allow us to carve world class signage on our cnc router. X-Edge tapered ball nose bits allow us to carve 3D designs in a single pass without a roughing pass therefore saving us time and money. Innovation in tooling and listening to customer needs has been paramount at X-edge from day 1. We appreciate their service and support and would highly recommend them to anyone looking at a quality tooling supplier.”

– Jim Dawson – Owner
Synergy Sign & Graphics LLC

“If you have a particular challenge in your CNC cutting I’d bet X-Edge already has (or will invent) a solution that will fill your needs. I recommend them most highly!”

– Dan Sawatzky, Imagination Corporation
Chilliwack, British Colombia, Canada